A Guide to Hiring a Babysitter According to Your Childcare Needs

All kinds of babysitters are available for whatever your schedule requires, but what you need from your babysitter can dramatically change your rates.

The national average hourly rate for babysitting in the United States is $18.36 for one child.

However, the babysitting rate will change depending on where you live, the number of children you have, your children’s ages, how much experience your babysitter has, and their job responsibilities.

A Babysitter’s Age and Experience Affects Rates

When people think of babysitters, they likely imagine their neighborhood teenager or perhaps a college student.

However, there are babysitters of all ages and all experience levels. While many parents may rely on family members to babysit, some caregivers build an entire career out of childcare.

Your Location Affects Babysitting Rates

The average rate of $18.36 is not the norm everywhere. You are likely to pay a higher rate if you live in a big city with a higher living cost.

On the other hand, those in rural areas will probably pay a lower hourly rate for babysitting services. The cost of a babysitter in a state’s small towns is lower. That is because it is common for childcare wages to directly reflect the cost of living in the town.

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