Alternative Investments: Here are 5 of the Most Popular Type

Our retirement portfolios consist primarily of stocks and mutual funds that invest in stocks. Some of us own bond mutual funds or bonds and almost all of our cash. 

Together, stocks, bonds, and cash are the core investment for most small investors. But few of us own alternative investments.

Here are five types of alternative investments to look at. One note of warning, though, these investments are not for everyone since some can be riskier than stocks, bonds, and cash.

The first alternative investment on this list is gold. Gold has a long history as an investment due to its status as a precious metal. 


Gold has some advantages as an investment in that it is considered a store of value, which is especially true during times of inflation when the price of gold goes up as other prices rise.

What was once an obscure asset class has become increasingly mainstream. It is possible to buy cryptocurrency on fintech platforms.


Today, there are hundreds to thousands of cryptocurrencies, and the total market is estimated at over $1 trillion. 

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