Are Timeshares Worth It? Why Not to Waste Your Money on a Timeshare

Picture this. You're on vacation in Hawaii, and a pretty lady offers you free pina coladas in exchange for a brief presentation on a timeshare. You think to yourself, “Why not? Free drinks! I'm not gonna buy anything.”

Two hours and four pina coladas later, you find yourself with a pen in your hand, about to sign on the dotted line for a timeshare. It seems like a great deal! It's exciting! You love Hawaii, and you love pretty timeshare lady

A timeshare is not an investment! Contrary to popular belief, a timeshare is not a financial investment. Buying a timeshare is like buying a new car. The second it's purchased from a resort developer, it decreases in value by 50 – 90%.

What is a timeshare? There are many different types of timeshares, but in general, they are a type of vacation ownership in which you own a piece of a unit within a resort. The timeshare is usually divided into 52 pieces because there are 52 weeks in a year

Are Timeshares Worth It? 

What does a timeshare cost? Head over to eBay and search for a timeshare. You might be surprised by what you see: timeshares on sale for just $1. This happens because many timeshare owners get tired of never-ending fees and just want out.

Can you get out of a timeshare? Some resorts allow timeshare owners to return the timeshare to them, but others do not. This is actually a recent development.

High-pressure sales tactics are ripe in the timeshare industry. Lies are rampant, and it's not uncommon for a salesperson to totally hoodwink the customer. Furthermore, you're usually in a fantastic mood when you're on vacation!

So why do so many people buy timeshares?

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