As NFTs Heat Up, Artists Question Their Legitimacy

An NFT is data stored on the blockchain. This data becomes a digital collectible and may contain art, music, video, or anything stored as data. Each NFT has a unique and trackable code assigned to it on the blockchain, which means that it can only have one owner at a time.

The unique features inherent in NFTs make them a tempting target for artists looking to expand their portfolios and find new customers in the digital age.

Artists Cashing in on NFT Craze

Rodrigo Mendez has over ten years of experience as a professional artist and has won awards in Spain, Colombia, and Mexico.

Mendez uses NFTs in an unconventional way. He offers them as a bonus to clients who buy a physical painting. Any customer who purchases a traditional painting also receives an accompanying NFT.

Not all artists have jumped aboard the NFT train. Many are concerned about copyright infringement, sustainability, and the morality of the NFT marketplace.

Artists Reject NFTs Over Copyright Concerns and Moral Objection

Gwenn Seemel, a professional artist specializing in polka dot cubist portraits, is one of these. Seemel places her work directly on the public domain because she believes “humans need imitation. It shapes us as a species, and it continues to help us evolve”.

However, she has concerns about the environmental impact caused by minting NFTs. “Minting, selling, and re-selling a single NFT has a stupid big carbon footprint.

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