Avoid These Common Money Mistakes After Landing Your First Job

Before you sign a lease for an apartment or purchase a new car, avoid the most common money mistakes made by college graduates.

We have assembled a list of blunders to steer you towards a financially fit future.

No Emergency Fund

When you least expect it, your car may need a repair, you need expensive dental work, or you perhaps get laid off from your job. These unexpected events happen to all of us, so it’s important to plan for them.

No Monthly Budget

Now that you’re living a more independent life, you need to have a budget and keep your spending in control. Don’t get rid of all your ramen noodles until you have a fully-funded emergency fund set up!

Put the brakes on large or repeated impulsive spending. Living beyond your income is a recipe for financial disaster.

Living Beyond Your Means

Getting Rid of Your Roommate

Your housing costs are going to be a significant portion of your budget. Are you ready to hand over most of your hard-earned paycheck to your landlord?

Don’t put off paying these loans or extending the time further into the future. Go for the standard repayment plan with equal monthly payments up to ten years.

No Student Loan Repayment Plan

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