Best Budget Apps To Fit Your Goals and Lifestyle

Do you want to quickly check on your personal finances through the ease of your smartphone? 

Unfortunately, numerous budgeting apps on the App Store and Google Play Store can be challenging to determine the top budgeting apps that match your goals and lifestyle.

Fortunately for you, we listed the best budget apps that can best fit your needs.

One of the nice features is the ability to set goals and a target date. In addition, Mint can automatically calculate how much you need to budget per month to reach your goal. 

Mint: Personal Finance & Money

And, if you’re a cryptocurrency investor, Mint now supports the following platforms, Coinbase, Robinhood, Paypal, Binance, Blockfi, and more.

The strategy of a zero-based budget is to give every dollar an assignment. The goal is to have nothing or (or “zero”) left to assign.

You Need A Budget (YNAB)

This strategy matches YNAB’s first rule: “Give Every Dollar A Job | You’re the boss. The drill Sergeant. The maestro. When you earn money, you prioritize how you’ll use it, and then follow your plan.” 

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