Best Business Checking Accounts Comparison

As a business owner, entrepreneur, or a prospective startup, one of the first things you should set up is a business bank account for your finances.

Bank of America

Bank of America is among the leading financial institutions in the world. They serve a wide variety of individuals and businesses with a full range of banking services.


Chase is a top competitor of Bank of America. There are some advantages to getting your business checking account from Chase.


Capital One

Capital one offers numerous business-friendly products that may be perfect for your business. Unfortunately, they are not currently accepting new customers for their business checking account.

They have a Simple Business Checking, Business Choice Checking, Platinum Business Checking, and Analyzed Business Checking account.

Wells Fargo

US Bank

US Bank offers five business checking accounts with different benefits.


Huntington National Bank

Their checking accounts are: Unlimited Plus Business Checking, Unlimited Business Checking, Business Checking 100, and Business Analyzed Checking.

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