16 of the Best Financial Podcasts to Learn About Money

Here, you’ll be ready to close your eyes and open your ears to the best financial podcasts that can help you make the most of your money to enjoy life more with less money stress.

When you conduct a Google search for personal finance topics, you’ll find articles published across a wide variety of websites ranging from household names like Forbes and NerdWallet to blogs written by everyday people sharing personal money stories.

Plutus Award Winning Money Podcasts

 The Plutus Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving financial literacy, awards recognizing top personal finance content across several categories, including finance podcasts. Here are four of the best personal finance podcasts.

The award for Best New Personal Finance Podcast in 2020 went to Becky Blake, whose Find Your Freedom podcast shares the stories of women who have become debt-free.

Find Your Freedom 

Journey to Launch 

 This podcast provides ideas and resources to help you skyrocket your savings, blast through your debt and ultimately launch you on your journey to Financial Freedom & Independence.

The Fairer Cents is an economics and finance podcast about “badass women and their money stories — but not the usual stories” featuring conversations with underrepresented voices and tackling stickier issues like the wage gap.

The Fairer Cents

Side Hustle School 

By listening to the show, you’ll hear different stories of how ordinary people have all started a hustle without quitting their job and by using the skills they already have.

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