The 4 Best LLC Formation and Incorporation Services

To choose the right LLC formation and incorporation service for you, you need to cut through the clutter of info out there. You want to know you’re getting the best deal and that it will be done right.

Personally, I always file with Incfile. My second choice would be ZenBusiness. In my opinion, you don’t need to waste your time looking at other options. However, for the sake of comparison, I will include LegalZoom and BizFilings in my top four.

Why Should You Use Incfile?

I have filed over a dozen businesses with Incfile, and the process has been smooth, the fees transparent, and customer service (pretty) reliable. The most convincing reason to use Incfile over any other incorporation services is their price.

This is the fee charged by each state to file your LLC or articles of incorporation. Each state fee is different, and they charge different fees based on whether you are filing an LLC, S-Corp, or C-Corp.

What is a State Fee?

What are the Cost Comparisons Between the Four Incorporation Services?

Each company offers different packages that are basic, mid-level, and pro. When I file with Incfile, I always choose the “Silver” package.

It's hard to know precisely because some filing times are different in each state. BizFilings does not take vary between states and offers times based solely on the packages you purchase.

How Long Will it Take to File with Each Company?

Which of the Incorporation Services is the Overall Winner?

The winner is Incfile! Their “Silver” package is arguably one of the best value packages in the industry. They also top almost all of comparison categories.

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