The Best Places to Live in the U.S.: 25 Small to Mid Size Cities with It All

Over the past 18 months, almost half of Americans either moved or thought about it. If you look into your options, you'll find that the most livable places in the U.S. aren't necessarily the biggest, and sometimes they're surprising.

So if you're one of the millions of people contemplating moving and you're looking for a small or mid-sized town that has it all, this list of the best places to live is for you.

1. Charlottesville, Virginia

Once the home of presidents Jefferson and Monroe, this once countryside now bustling city of its own offers an abundance of theatres, open outdoor spaces, and plenty of local restaurants.

Close to hundreds of colleges and universities (including Harvard), Quincy has maintained its historical feel while keeping an eye on the future.

2. Quincy, Massachusetts

Though it's right next to Portland, rest assured that Hillsboro has a personality of its own, offering exceptional health care, family farms, and arts and culture organizations for days.

3. Hillsboro, Oregon

On top of the fantastic weather, Roseville is only 20 minutes away from Sacramento and is a short ride away from the nearby Sierra Nevada foothills and Folsom Lake.

4. Roseville, California

No list of best places to live is complete without Colorado Springs, home to the stunning Garden of the Gods, the United States Air Force Academy, and the official U.S. Olympic Training Center.

5. Colorado Springs, Colorado

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