Best Southern Small Towns To Live In

Stacker referenced Niche’s 2021 Best Places to Live study, narrowed the results to the South, and narrowed them further to places under 5,000 residents.

While this data is the most current available, some housing statistics Niche uses to calculate its rankings—such as median home values and housing costs—are not entirely reflective of the current housing market.

Chevy Chase, Maryland

Today, Chevy Chase continues to be an upscale community with an array of markets and single-family homes constructed from brick.

Biltmore Forest, North Carolina

In 1990, Biltmore Forest was designated a historical district and today offers many recreational activities such as hiking at the Mountains-to-Sea Trail as well as restaurants and accessible grocery stores.

Bunker Hill Village, Texas

Over the years, residents of Bunker Hill Village have taken measures to preserve their quiet, wooded neighborhood and established zoning regulations through adopted ordinances.

Martin’s Additions, Maryland

Although Martin’s Additions dates back to the early 1900s, having been made a Special Taxing District in 1916, Martin’s Additions was incorporated in 1985.

Real estate tends to be expensive in Somerset but it may be worth it in this family-friendly town with high quality schools.

Somerset County, Maryland

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