Top 10 Tax Return Company Reco’s

Am I the only one who gets excited about filing taxes? Yeah, maybe I am. A lot has changed this year, but filing your taxes can be easy to navigate with the right tools and the right company!

The following companies are reputable and you don't need to worry about having your personal information stolen. These companies are well-known and have been around for years.

1. IRS Free File

The US government is teaming up with numerous tax software companies. You can file your taxes through their site for free. Side note: they do have an income limit of $72,000 to file for free on their site.

Another great resource. is straightforward and to the point. They're a great option for singles who aren't itemizing. The price is $25 for everyone, no matter how much you earn.


3. TaxHawk

E-filing simple federal returns is free with TaxHawk. To file state income tax returns, they charge a nominal fee of $12.95. However, if your income is less than $20,000, the state income tax return becomes free.

A more expensive option is LibertyTax. They charge $45 for all 3 package options, which should cover all your possible needs. You'll also get multi-channel support: chat, email, social, and in-person at 3000+ locations.

4. LibertyTax

5. TaxBack

This company has a unique way of filing taxes. They don't state tax preparation prices, they prepare a price when your forms are complete. From what I know, a TaxBack agent assists you during the filing process.

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