Best Ways to Invest Money in 2021

Anyone with a healthy savings account and enough income to set aside a few dollars each month can afford to invest.

Before you even think about what you want to invest in, you should turn your mind toward how you want to invest.

I’ll break things down into five questions you should be asking yourself:

What are your financial goals?

What’s your investment timeframe?

How much risk are you prepared to take on?

Do you want to select your investments yourself?

What type of account is right for you?

Best investments in 2021

There’s not a single correct answer here since the right investments for you will depend on your answers to the questions.


When you buy a stock, you essentially become a shareholder (or owner) of that business — so whenever the company increases in value, your investment will also rise in price.

They don’t tend to achieve the same level of returns as the highest-performing stocks — but they’re far less risky.

Mutual Funds

There will be some high-performers and some low-performers (or non-performers) in any fund, but on average, you’ll still get good investment returns.

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