Best Ways to Make Extra Money With a Tutoring Side Hustle

Looking for a side hustle to bring in some more cash? Have you considered tutoring? Check out this list of best niche tutoring jobs that might be the perfect fit for your skills and talents.

1. Real estate

Do you know of any universities that have a degree program in real estate? I don't. But they should. If you have a knack for investing in real estate and have had some notable success, you can pass on your investment know-how to newbies!

 Adults need help with writing business letters, sales material and client proposals. If you're experienced in this area, offer to teach others and make some easy pocket cash.

2. Business writing

3. Cooking

Many people today are intimidated by cooking, and might welcome some one-on-one instruction. If you're a great cook, have a particular specialty, and especially if you cook on the frugal side, there may be a willing market.

Do you hem your own pants, knit blankets for your friend's babies, and DIY your own Halloween costumes? If so, you possess a coveted skill that many people would love to learn.

4. Sewing

5. Finance

If there's one skill in life that everyone has a universal need for, it's financial knowledge. If you are lucky enough to be a whiz at finances, or especially if you work in the financial industry, you hold a wealth of information that can be a real asset to everyone.

Many adults who have never played an instrument want to learn, but would do better with a private instructor who will provide close training at a more relaxed pace. If you play an instrument, this could be your niche.

6. Musical instruments

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