Bleisure travel stems from a shift in attitudes about work flexibility and the widespread technology that allows us to connect remotely to the office from anywhere.

About 47% of business travelers have extended a work trip for leisure in the past year, according to Morning Consult's May survey on behalf of the American Hotel & Lodging Association.

Business travelers' leisure trip extensions

About 8 in 10 business travelers include leisure activities during trip

As the digital nomad lifestyle became more mainstream, workers found ways to blend work and play. Of those workers, nearly 50% said they looked up things to do on their own for fun while at their business travel location

About 3 in 10 of the Global Business Travel Association's member organizations said employees are more interested in extending work trips into vacations than before the pandemic. 

After the pandemic, some employees have been more inclined to extend work trips for leisure

Technology has expanded how people combine business and leisure travel. Blended travel has often involved adding on a day or two of fun before or after a business event.

Most bleisure trips last between two and six day

While most blended trips still last less than a week, Morning Consult found workers today can be on the road for longer. That means employees might take time off for vacation and then stay in that destination to work for several more days.

In the Morning Consult survey, respondents said that the top reason for adding personal activities to a work trip is that it makes a trip more fun.

‘Bleisure' travelers listed many reasons they preferred to blend business and leisure travel

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