Cheap Dinner Ideas to Save Your Budget as Food Costs Rise

It’s frustrating to spend so much money on a few staple items at the grocery store. While you can’t control food costs in a volatile market, you can save your budget with some creative meal planning and cheap dinner ideas. 

These cheap dinner ideas come from frugal ingredients where the meat is versatile and allows you to shop according to the current market prices.  

Cheap Crockpot Meals

A crockpot is a useful kitchen tool for busy families. It cooks a meal while you’re at work, saves the cost of using an oven, and allows you to feed a large family. 

Soups, stews, and chilis are cheap crockpot dinner meals that go a long way. Many combinations of meats and veggies work together to make a hearty dinner.

Taco soup is an example of a hearty and easy crockpot meal that feeds a large family or crowd. It consists of beef (or chicken), tomatoes, corn, beans, and seasoning.

Easy Cheap Casseroles

Casseroles, or one sheet pan dinners, combine foods that create a standalone meal.

One easy sheet pan meal and known comfort food that combines chicken, a flaky pie crust, and vegetables is chicken pot pie.

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