Comparison of Robot Advisors:

Can AI Lead You to the Promised Land?

So I wanted to put together a distilled robo advisor comparison for you to check out. Largely because they are cool, but also because they are (potentially) a great step closer to financial democratization…which is also cool.

At this point, a list of robo advisors has become widely available and changed the investing landscape with their ease of use and low fees. In some cases, the fees are 100% less than what a live manager would cost (aka $0). Again…pretty cool.

What are Robo Advisors?

Robo advisors are software platforms that use digital algorithms and automation to offer financial planning and investment services to investors without direct human supervision.

Typically, after people open accounts, the robo advisors will ask a series of questions and make recommendations about investment options based on the answers that are provided. The best robo advisors offer ease of setup and use, portfolio management, automated investment, rebalancing, tax-loss harvesting, strong customer service, and low or no fees.

So How Do Robo Advisors Work?

In reading this robo advisor comparison, you'll find they all offer robust online investment platforms and allow you access to your investment accounts wherever and whenever (it is 2020 after all). Depending on the robo advisor, investors might be able to open accounts for free and start investing with a small amount of money. 

Robo Advisor Comparison

– Betterment – Wealthfront – Personal Capital – Blooom – Fidelity Go – Schwab Intelligent Portfolio – Wealthsimple – Ellevest – M1 Finance – Acorn

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