Creative and Unique Micro Wedding Ideas 

A micro wedding opens doors to venues that you may have thought of but couldn’t afford or that weren’t big enough to host a grander celebration.

Venues such as Museums or Art Galleries can accommodate smaller celebrations and provide a unique setting for your nuptials.

Small, intimate settings such as Inns, farmhouses, or wineries add romance and whimsy to your wedding.

Or for the adventurous at heart, hot air balloons, rock climbing, and even surfing micro wedding packages are available. They can provide transportation, accommodation, and experience for you and a smaller number of guests.

Because you are spending less than you would on a traditional wedding, imagine being able to bring your Harry Potter theme to life with colored dresses representing the different Hogwarts houses and eclectic wizardry décor?

Instead of a formal dinner, why not opt for an interactive tasting menu paired with wines or specialty drinks? The conversation will indeed flow with lots of questions and comments about the unique experiences your guests will enjoy.

Creativity can reign supreme with micro weddings; however, you always want to make sure you stay on budget and within the plan. Going overboard can be very easy because you aren’t spending the same money on a traditional wedding.

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