Debt Lessons You Can Learn from Football Players. The NFL and IOU!

My years in the NFL taught me almost as much about staying out of debt as my subsequent career as president of

So let’s kick off Debt Lessons You Can Learn from Football Players.

Brains Beat Bucks

If millionaires can go broke without possessing financial knowledge, then you can thrive with that knowledge. Where do you acquire this education? Personal finance websites. They are free and not at all time-consuming.

Budgeting is Your Game Plan

You can’t save money for a new car or a new home, or a new family if you don’t know what life is costing you now. I promise you those NFL players who went bankrupt didn’t have a budget.

Shorten the Field with Technology

Technology has blown up any excuse you had for not budgeting.

How do you start an emergency fund? Slowly. Using your monthly budget, you might set aside just $5 a week at first. Then, after a few months of not missing those few dollars, you might add a few more.

Prepare for the Trick Plays of Life

Decades of research have been done on money as self-medication and as self-glorification. I just want to leave you with this thought: Money is nothing more than a football. It’s just an object that helps you perform better.

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