Early Financial Independence:

Living Your Life in 4 Acts (Not Just the 3 You’ve Been Told About)!

In our own real lives, we’ve also been taught (somewhat subliminally by society) a basic 3-act structure that we are supposed to follow. Let’s call it “Your Life in 3 Acts.”

Your Life in 3 Acts

Act 1 (The Setup): We attain knowledge and go to school

Act 2 (The Confrontation and Rising Action): We work to succeed in our career, earn and save money–all while (often) having and raising children.

Act 3 (The Climax): Retirement/financial independence and…well…death. THE END

Why Is This a Problem? Well, immediately I see one major issue. Notice how close The Climax (retirement) is to death? Both elements exist in the same act!

Enter: The 4-Act Structure (and Early Financial Independence)

I’m going to go ahead and just steal from the Japanese 4-Act Structure, cause it’s awesome. They throw in “The Twist”: a contrasting, even seemingly nonsensical, departure from the character and situation set up in the first and second acts.

So What Could a 4-Act Structure Look Like Applied to Real Life?

Your Life In 4 Acts Act 1 (Introduction) Hello hero! Attain knowledge and go to school. Find yourself!

Your Life In 4 Acts 

Act 2 (Development) Capitalize on your strengths. Launch your career, make money, and invest aggressively (attempting to solve the problem of having enough money to live on in Act 3).

Your Life In 4 Acts 

Act 3 (The Twist!) Achieve early financial independence or semi-retirement. Change it up! This is the time for less work, being active, traveling, and raising children. (Ok, I admit, the children part bunks the travel part a little. Oh well.)

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