Top 6 Easy Jobs That Pay Well This Year


Can you imagine working comfortably at your own pace and earning a good income? This doesn't have to be a pipe dream. Everyone can have easy jobs that pay well, and here's where to look.

The bottom line is engaging in suitable work that offers less stress, more work-life balance, and a satisfying paycheck.

It doesn't have many prerequisites, except being good with language. If you have writing or editing experience, that will be a plus point. In addition, your previous work will serve as a CV and help you get better-paying jobs.


Flight Attendant

This job can carry a bit of stress, but that primarily depends on the passengers you serve. Usually, they are calm and well-mannered, but you can encounter the occasional oddball.

Being a massage therapist can be physically demanding, but you get used to it with time. Plus, helping others and knowing that you've eased their pain is a feeling like no other.

Massage Therapist

It's always peaceful and quiet in the library whether you're there to study or looking for a new read. It's one of the best places to work simply due to these factors. To become a librarian, you will need a degree in library sciences.


Why not sign up for a nearby lifeguard training and certification program if you are a confident swimmer? Afterward, you can make money at the pool all summer. Before applying for a job at your local YMCA or gym, know what certifications they need.

House Painter

It's a straightforward job with fixed schedules and set procedures that you have to follow. Providing a stable routine makes this occupation one of the least stress-inducing jobs, enabling you to earn a decent monthly income.

Medical Lab Technician

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