Effective Ways to Generate High-Quality Real Estate Leads in 2023 

Marketing changes quickly, and what worked just a few years ago might not work anymore. From 2020 to 2021, the housing market saw a 60% influx of new realtors, creating a competitive landscape for real estate agents.

With fierce real estate agent competition, a shortage of home sales, and rising mortgage rates, realtors might have difficulty generating high-quality real estate leads. Real estate agents are competing for an increasingly smaller pool of clients, making it critical for your lead generation efforts to go the extra mile.

With so many digital lead generation options, it’s easy to forget traditional out-of-home advertising. Billboards are still a high-quality real estate lead generator, as people are forced to drive specific routes every day, increasing the frequency at which they see your message. 

Billboard Ads

Your potential clients are searching online 24/7, but you don’t need to be awake every hour of the day to provide high-quality customer service. Implement an AI-based chatbot that prompts website visitors to engage, answer questions, and give you their contact info.

Website Chatbots

After setting up a live chatbot or contact form request on your website, include segmentation that clarifies how soon they’re looking to buy or sell, desired areas, and budget.

Granular Call Analytics and Tracking

49% of realtors spend less than $250 monthly on lead generation efforts, illustrating that most are turning to free or low-cost strategies. Live streaming across social media is entirely free, making it a cost-effective lead-generation option.

Live Streaming

You have high-quality leads in the door – great! Now, continuously nurture people who aren’t ready to buy or sell just yet, establishing yourself as a go-to expert who is available the moment they’re ready to get started.

Nurture Emails

SMS offers personalization at scale from the comfort of your phone, helping you get back to requests quickly and service customers with a higher rate of satisfaction. 

SMS Messaging

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