Evening Part Time Jobs Online (That Can Pay Pretty Well!)

Adding an extra side hustle not only helps to bring in more cash, but it could eventually end up becoming more lucrative than your full-time career!

The hard part is figuring out which evening part-time jobs pay the most, and offer a rewarding experience. That's why I wanted to make a list of side jobs that pay pretty well.

Become a Virtual Assistant

If you are well-organized, great with people, and have a thorough understanding of IT, then you would make an excellent virtual assistant. Virtual assistant jobs are one of the most popular evening part time jobs, because the opportunities are so diverse.

If you always find yourself scrolling on social media, and critiquing other people's accounts, you may as well make great money for it! Social media management is every millennial's dream.

Social Media Manager

Small Business Bookkeeper

If you are a well-organized person who loves dealing with finances, then you would make an excellent evening online bookkeeper. You would help out small business owners who are overwhelmed with doing their own bookkeeping.

If you have a passion for sales, strategy, and the psychology behind marketing, then you might love being a Facebook or Google Ads campaign manager.

Facebook or Google Ads Specialist

Become a Proofreader

There are many different skill levels accepted for this gig. At the most basic level, you can proofread for people who speak English as a second language. At a more advanced level, you could proofread for authors.

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