Financial Planning:  Your Path to Financial Independence!

The financial planning process is all about “planning” for your retirement far in advance of your arrival there. You need to think of retirement as a destination. I like to call it “The Promised Land!”

While it may seem like a magical place (with margaritas) where we dream of going (someday), it's actually going to be real. And you can't click your heels to make it appear, right when you're ready to retire. You have to start planning for it now.

So, what we are going to (metaphorically) do is open up a map, and then we are going to “highlight” your individualized path to retirement. (I’m 45, so when we went on family car trips we literally looked at maps printed on paper and “highlighted our route.” Just wanted to clarify that reference for some of you young whipper-snappers.)

6 steps to map out your retirement plan

1. Decide what you want your retirement to look like and by when (location, activities, etc).

2. Figure out how much money it’s going to take to have that retirement (from step 1) become a reality.

3. Consider what kind of investment performance you can rely on to supercharge your savings effort, which will in turn fund your retirement days.

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