Five methods to safeguard your bank accounts in 2022

Banking fraud is a real concern for people all over the world. In fact, customers lost an estimated $5.8 billion to fraud last year. This fraud statistic represents a 70 percent increase when compared with 2020.

We are going to take you through five of the most important steps you need to follow to keep your bank account protected in 2022.

1. Use a bank with an advanced fraud detection service

There is only one place to begin when it comes to protecting your bank account, and this is by banking with a company that uses an advanced fraud detection service.

Tools like this are designed to alert you whenever there is suspicious activity that could indicate someone unauthorized has gained access to your bank account or is trying to.

It is pretty much impossible to tell whether a shared computer is secure or not. Instead, do not take the risk. It is better to be safe than sorry, right?

2. Never log in to your bank account on shared WiFi or a shared computer

3. Get into the habit of checking your online banking every day

Our next piece of advice is to make sure that you are checking your online bank account on a daily basis. It only takes a minute or two, and it can prevent a whole world of problems.

There are two things you need to do here: 1. Set-up multi-factor authentication 2. Get creative with your password

4. Secure the log-in process as much as possible

5. Keep your data private

If you do need to share this data, it is imperative to make sure that the receiving website, person, or business is secure and familiar.

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