The Best Sites for Crowdfunded Real Estate Investing

Real estate crowdfunding is a space where developers offer a position in their project in exchange for some of your capital. They use a real estate crowdfunding platform to open their doors to you.

This section will give a brief overview of each online platform and what they offer. Some have differences in fund structure and preferred equity, some have a higher risk than others, and some have a better starter portfolio than others.


Fundrise is an online real estate investing platform that lets regular people invest in real estate.

What makes it so unique is that you don’t need to be crazy wealthy to start investing with Fundrise, you just need $10! Your money, together with other investor money, will all pool together and go towards real estate projects that will hopefully make money in the long run (thus earning you money too!)

Fundrise is great for investors with a long-term outlook looking for investment options that will give them diversification beyond just stocks and bonds.


DiversyFund is a really special real estate investing platform which is unique in that it owns and manages properties directly instead of brokering deals between investors and projects.

The minimum investment is $500 and the fund is open to non-accredited investors. They also manage properties directly under the DF Growth REIT which is a public non-listed real estate investment trust.

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