A Guide to Budgeting a 60k Per Year Salary

Wondering how much money you make each day on a $60,000/year salary? If you are working 2,000 hours a year, it means that you’re making $240 each day.

It’s important to understand that your $60,000 salary is likely the amount you make before taxes. This means that federal, state, and Social Security taxes will be taken out.

Your tax rate will depend on what state you live in, but if it’s one that has no state income tax, like Florida, it will obviously be lower. It also depends on whether or not you are married and have children.

We all have goals we’re working towards financially. Budgeting is very important because it allows you to cover your expenses, as well as plan for your those goals and the future.

Budgeting also helps keep you from spending money you don’t have. American credit card debt has jumped 20% in the last decade.

When budgeting for your salary, you want to make sure your necessities don’t exceed half of your monthly income. Necessary expenses include groceries, housing, and transportation.

Your housing costs can include mortgage or rent payments, utility bills, and maintenance costs. This will be around 30% of your monthly income, if possible.

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