Here are 5 Steps to Renting a Room in your House

Having a rental property is very different from renting a room out in your house.  

When you rent out a room, you will be sharing space with this person. Conversely, you do not live with your tenant when you have a rental property.

Many of the same guidelines apply to rental properties and room rentals, yet significant differences exist. 

Price Your Room Competitively

Sites like, Facebook Marketplace, and Craiglist all offer the ability to search within a specific zip code.

A roommate ad should support your desire to find the perfect roommate and spell out the specific characteristics and attractive traits you want in a roommate. 

Be Specific in Your Room Advertisement

Ask the Right Screening Questions

Once the ad is active, people will begin calling you. Prepare several questions to ask them to get a sense of who they are and if they would be a good fit for you.

New room rental landlords get into trouble when they rent to a mutual friend without a written agreement.

Have a Solid Rental Agreement

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