3 Ways of Boosting Your Branding Through Video

Video content is hot in online marketing. Stats suggest over 86% of businesses use video marketing to boost their brand- and consumers are happy to watch it.

If you aren’t already driving your marketing efforts with the power of video, your brand is falling behind.   Here’s just some of the many, many ways you can harness this impactful marketing tool for your own needs.

3 Ways of Boosting Your Branding Through Video

1. The Brand Showcase

When you first start with video content, it’s smart to spend some of it introducing your brand, rather than making product pitches. What do you do? What problems do you solve for customers? 

Video lets you explain complex concepts more easily than any other content type, through both moving image and audio. You can explain fairly in-depth concepts quickly and easily, and with utmost clarity. 

Many brands forget that their happy customers can be a fantastic advertising medium for them. Whether you entice a few in front of the camera directly, or use a short/reel-style video to highlight feedback you’ve received, it’s a great way to leverage them as brand advocates.

2. The Customer Showcase

Modern marketing relies on building a sense of trust with the customer.  Something another happy customer, with no financial stake in the business, has to say will carry more weight than hearing an employee say the same thing. It’s called ‘social proof’. 

Additionally, people like to share content that highlights them. So it’s a great way to generate further organic reach, as well as show your customers you’re interested and engaged in building better relationships with them, too.

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