10 Highest-Paying Industries For Management Executive

In the U.S., management executives can include roles such as overseeing budget analysis for the federal government, managing a chemical plant that produces fertilizers, leading an architecture consulting firm, auditing operations at a wastewater treatment facility, and more.

Santa Clara University looked at industries where management executives earn the most using Occupational Employment and Wage data from the BLS. Here are the best highest paying industries for management executives.

1. Federal, State, and Local Government

– Annual median wage: $99,690 – 2021 employment: 190,650 people  Some high-paying federal jobs include being an air traffic controller, who monitors aircrafts in flight.

– Annual median wage: $102,110 – 2021 employment: 255,020  Wholesale trade managers supervise the daily operations of their company's division that sells goods in bulk to retailers, manufacturers, or other businesses.

2. Wholesale Trade

3. Educational Services

– Annual median wage: $102,130 – 2021 employment: 74,890  People employed in leadership roles in educational services develop and implement school teaching programs. They provide leadership to school principals.

– Annual median wage: $121,190 – 2021 employment: 256,150 Manufacturing managers oversee the operations of a facility that produces products and goods.

4. Manufacturing

5. Mining

– Annual median wage: $122,420 – 2021 employment: 18,750  Mining managers oversee miners who transport rocks, ore, and coal. Executives in this industry may also ensure the safety of the miners.

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