How Long Does a Home Inspection Take?

While no single item can guarantee a completely stress free home purchase, a home inspection can provide some peace of mind to the buyer before they sign on the dotted line.

So about how long does a home inspection take? Well, it depends on the size of the property.

How long does a home inspection take, and what is the cost?

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A home inspector delves deep into the home and its condition, and alerts the buyer to any potential concerns. A home inspection increases the confidence of the buyer,

Why do you need a home inspection?

Yes. In most cases you can and it would be to your benefit! It gives you one more chance to walk around the home and really spend time looking at all the details.

Can buyers attend the inspection?

What is an inspection contingency and do I need one?

Contingencies are a set of conditions that need to be satisfied before the sale can be completed. The 3 standard contingencies include:– Inspection ContingencyAppraisal ContingencyFinancing Contingency

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