How Long Does it Take to Build Credit

(or Improve Your Score)

You really do need to take your credit score very seriously, because it’s the key to so many financial aspects of your life.

Unfortunately, by the time many people realize this, they have already done some things to set their credit score back. It’s possible to rebuild your credit a bit more quickly with a few techniques.

How Long Does it Take to Rebuild Credit?

The answer is that it could take a (long) while. How many years depends on what your current credit score is, and what steps you are taking to rebuild it.

What Do I Need to Do to Build or Improve My Credit?

You need to sign up for a credit monitoring service. Many of these services are completely free and help you review your credit from month to month.

The Authorized User Technique

Once you are authorized, your own credit score will benefit from their credit history (on that card). If you use the right card (like Citibank for example), they will report the main users limit and credit history of that card to your report.

Generally speaking, you can improve your credit by paying your debts down. If you want to rebuild your credit that much quicker, though, you need to pay the right debts down first.

Pay the Right Debts Down

Sounds a but counterintuitive, but as I just mentioned, one of the biggest factors of your credit score is the percentage of used credit vs available credit. The lower the percentage the better.

Get More Credit!

Use a Secured Credit Card

A secured credit can help someone repair their credit score no matter how low it is. So if it’s really bad, this is the best way to go.


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