How Social Selling Targets Customers Online And Helps Companies Sell You Products

Social media hasn’t just impacted what you buy or discover online, it has also impacted how you buy, too. Social selling has exploded in recent years—and it’s now one of the best and easiest ways for companies, businesses, and brands to sell products.

How exactly are they targeting you? And how are companies so effective at using social selling to market products?

According to Salesforce’s State of Sales report, the time reps spend with online customers is now 3.2 times more than the time spent meeting with customers in person.

Virtual Events Are Virtual Sales Events

About 78% of social sellers now outsell their peers who aren’t on social media—which bolsters the idea that social accounts are a must for anyone trying to make a sale online.

Sales Shift Away From Cold-Calling And Pushy Tactics

Without tugging at emotions or building relationships, other brand or seller sales tactics are widely ignored, no loyalty is built, and the deal isn’t closed.

Brands Bank On Relationships And Emotions To Close The Deal

Regular People—Not Salespeople—Help Sell You Products

Considering that about 81% of Instagram users are researching products and services on the platform, there are a significant amount of sales to make if these social sellers use the right tactics.

According to LinkedIn research, the businesses that have managed to become leaders at social selling are capturing about 45% more sales opportunities than other businesses by turning their focus to social media.

Global Businesses Have A Much Wider Reach

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