How to Build Wealth with Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency

Wondering how to make money with bitcoin? Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of this lucrative, emerging sector of the financial marketplace.

Cryptocurrency, specifically bitcoin, has multiplied or decimated the fortunes of those daring enough to invest in it. And more recently it has earned a semi-conventional place in the financial world by becoming considered less of a fringe investment.

Cryptocurrency is a label given to many different forms of digital currency whose transactions are verified and recorded by a decentralized system that operates by solving a series of encrypted codes.

Crypto 101

Crypto differs from other areas of the financial market because it lacks a centralized authority, such as the Federal Reserve, to regulate it.


The most important aspect of blockchain is that it serves as a veritable unforgeable transaction ledger. 

Each new transaction recorded in a blockchain depends on the previous transactions to be written correctly. No previous records can be altered and each new record must build off the last record.

Understanding blockchain is the first step in understanding how cryptocurrency works in general. Creating a blockchain takes multiple computers, a lot of processing power, and a huge number of encrypted transactions.

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