8 Proven & Practical Ways to Catch-Up With Your Retirement Savings Contributions

Those of you who started saving for retirement really late in life, or have fallen behind with the contributions, can consider the following options to make the most of your investments.

1. Capitalize on Contribution Levels 

Contributing towards a salary deferral or investing in an automatic plan is a great way to fund your retirement. You can make the maximum permitted contribution under your IRA to maximize your long-term investment portfolio.

Based on your investment’s tolerance for instability and the time-frame, you can determine an investment plan that allows for maximum growth.

2. Alter Your Existing Investment Plans for A Profitable Mix 

3. Consider Investing Outside Your Existing Retirement Plan

You can invest in other tax-advantaged vehicles such as municipal bonds, minibonds, and annuities to fund your retirement.

The maximum traditional and Roth IRA limits have been raised. You can now make more retirement saving contributions to support your golden years.

4. Make the Most of the Available Tax Incentives

5. Traditional and Roth IRA Limits

From 2020 onwards, the contribution limit for those under the age of 50 is set at $6000 with a catch-up contribution limit of $7000 for those who have crossed the age of 50.

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