How to Decide on the Best Cruises to Take in 2022

Many different types of cruises vary in cost, from river cruises to mega-ship cruising to yacht cruising and beyond. 

Ocean and river cruises, for example, have some similarities yet lots of differences and target different ages and types of travelers.

We will focus on the best cruises for 2022 on larger ships, which are the most readily available and approachable for families and couples overall.

Cruise Capacity: Health and Safety

If you are concerned about the number of people on a cruise ship in pandemic times, we would argue that cruising is one of the safest ways to travel during a pandemic and beyond.

CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association) issued a statement supporting this in December 2021. We have always appreciated the measures cruise lines take to ensure it is the safest way to travel.

One of the benefits of going on a cruise from the United States is that you can potentially drive to the port or quickly fly there from within the country.

The United States Embarkation Port

US cruise ports are plentiful! There are dozens of ports over the coastal United States, from California and Florida to Maryland, New York, and South Carolina. 

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