How To Get a Cheap Rental Car for Your Next Trip

Maybe you are trying to decide between getting a cheap rental car and picking something a bit more fun. 

Usually, when looking back on vacation, you remember the experiences, the places, but not so much the transportation you chose.

So saving money on the vehicle to avoid getting in the way of your retirement savings is an excellent way to optimize your vacation budget.

Sites like Kayak and Expedia can help you search multiple car rental options at once. They often present you with a grid of different possibilities and rental companies. 

After checking the aggregator sites, it is good to check the rate directly on the rental companies website.

Sometimes, car companies offer you a better deal if you book directly with them instead of an aggregator.

When comparing multiple sources, remember to compare rentals with all the fees. Some websites quote the base price without taxes and fees. Other websites mention the total out-the-door price. 

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