How To Handle Your Personal Bookkeeping Like a Boss 

No matter how you earn, invest, slice, dice and spend your money, one financial fundamental will hold true: you have to do personal bookkeeping to achieve and maintain financial success.

The reason we have to do the “tedious” work of tracking our finances, is to glean the information we need from the results of this work.

OK OK, I Believe You. So, How do I Deal with Personal Bookkeeping?

Here are some options…and I’m being serious here….

Marry someone that has good financial skills

Pay me, or someone like me, to do it for you.

If you can’t get your head around that concept, then you should consider paying a service to do your personal bookkeeping for you.

You can even hire a service like Bench to do it for pretty cheap!

When it comes to personal bookkeeping the reality is, if you don’t track your income and expenses, you WILL OVER-SPEND on stupid crap. And therefore you will have less money to invest and help you achieve financial freedom.

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