How To Make Money on YouTube in 2022 – A Detailed Guide

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll show you different ways of making money on YouTube and a bonus tip on how you can make money on YouTube without making videos.

Basic Setup

Let’s first get the basics out of the way. These are the minimum setup you need to start making money on YouTube.

A Google (Gmail) account will help you register for a YouTube account. Once you have a YouTube account, you can create a channel.

YouTube Channel

Create And Upload Videos

If you’ve narrowed down your niche in your expertise industry, content ideas come readily. Also, the contents do not have to be perfect. Fineness evolves through repetition.

Setup a Google AdSense Account

Google manages ads on websites/blogs and YouTube through Google AdSense. You must associate your YouTube channel to an approved Google AdSense account to get paid.

Participate in YouTube Partner Program (YPP)

You must join the YouTube Partner Program to start monetizing your channel. You can join the program through YouTube studio.

YouTube is an excellent platform for starting a side hustle and generating extra income. It gives you an option to take your passion to the internet world free of cost. You can get started immediately with no upfront cost.

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