How to Make Money With a Blog (Top 3 Strategies!)

When it comes to turning your passion into a money-making business, it can be frustrating and confusing. There are so many options for how to make money with a blog or just online even.

First, for those of you just getting started, let’s go over some blogging basics. There are a few fundamental rules you must understand in order to make money online.

Monetization Fundamentals

To make the most money with your blog, you should try to find a niche that is appealing to a large group of people.

Rule #1:  Find Your Most Profitable Niche

Rule #2: Provide Valuable Content

Once you target your audience, you must prove your value by producing great content. Not just entertaining, but valuable.

Rule #3:  Engage With Your Audience

Providing valuable content can help you attract followers. But it’s not enough! Next, you need to focus on building a loyal and trusting community.

- Health and Fitness - Personal Finance - Fashion - Lifestyle - Business and Marketing - Technology and Gaming - Travel.

Here are the top 7 blogging niches that will make you the most money:

Generally, different affiliate programs provide ranging commissions. For example, the Walmart Affiliate Program offers 1-4% of the item’s sale amount, depending on the payout group.

How much can I make?

How do I determine which products to promote?


When you start to use affiliate marketing, you must determine which products you are going to promote, as well as how much you can earn. Not everything may be compatible with your niche.

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