How to Make Money With Paid Focus Group

Companies spend thousands of dollars in exchange for people sharing what they think about their products and services.

How Paid Focus Groups Work A focus group is a small group of people (6-10) who provide feedback or opinions on something that has been created or is about to be released. The moderator asks questions and tries to get everyone's opinion.

Participate in a Paid Focus Group

You must register at a market research company and apply to participate in a focus group. You will answer a few questions about your profile and interests, but this is typically not a lengthy process.

You may receive emails inviting you to participate in a focus group. However, the number of invitations you receive will depend on your specific demographics and interests and how much you share about yourself. 

It helps to respond quickly to invitation requests as focus groups fill up fast. If you are selected to participate in a focus group, you will get details about the group, including where and when it will take place.

Some reputable research companies to find paid focus groups include: 

– Angelfish Opinion – User Interview – Recruit and Field – Survey Junkie – 20|20 Panel – Google Usability

While paid focus groups can be an excellent way to affect company decisions and make money, they are only suitable for some.

Requirements to Participate in a Paid Focus Group

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