How to Make Your Money Work for You: 7 Modern Methods for Investing in “The Market”

I’m going to break investing down into 7 modern methods, and rate them on a risk scale from low to idiotic.

7 Common Methods  (or Philosophies) to Consider When Investing in  “The Market”

The Motley Fool Method

The Motley Fool is essentially a stock advisory service. They started out as a newsletter, that would give you stock recommendations. Now they have grown into a full service money management firm.

The Boglehead Method

Some of you may have heard the term “Bogleheads.” These are people that subscribe to the basic investing philosophy of John Bogle, founder of the well known financial firm, Vanguard.

The Dividend Method

This method is a little similar to the Motley Fool method, in that your portfolio may be made up of individual stocks. The difference is that these stocks would not be “growth stocks.”

The “Permanent Portfolio” method is an investing philosophy invented by a fella named Harry Brown.

The Permanent Portfolio Method

“Fixed income” is another term for bonds. Remember bonds are basically loans you make to governments or companies where they have promised to pay you a specific interest rate for the loan.

The Fixed Income Method

Investing is both difficult and scary. And the more money you amass, the more difficult and scary it will get.


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