Tips on Managing Remote Teams for Small Businesses

Recent world events have led to a surge in remote working, and the need for managing remote teams. But even so, that upward trend was in place long before the global pandemic made it compulsory!

Have you recently transitioned to a remote working setup? Looking for advice on managing remote teams just as effectively as in-person? Read on for 7 key tips that should help you do it.

Prioritize Communication

As the manager of a remote team, the best way to avoid that eventuality is to put in extra effort to communicate with employees. Whether it’s via voice or text, frequently communicating with the team will solve a whole host of problems.

You’ve now got an abundance of communicatory tools at your disposal. Everything from video conferencing and business communication software to text messages and emails can be put to use.

Leverage Communication Tools

Set Your Expectations and Be Clear About Them

Everybody in the team has to be on the same page for remote work to run smoothly. It’s about knowing the rules of engagement: what’s expected of them and when.

Make sure that you’re available as much as possible and remember to tell your team if/whenever you aren’t. You could even let people know your schedule.

Ensure that You’re Contactable

Be Flexible with Working Hours

It puts employees in charge of their time! As opposed to doing set hours in an office every day, they can choose when and where they work. In other words, they have the option to fit work around life, as opposed to the other way round.

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