How to Pay Less Taxes: 7 Basic Tax Planning Strategies

Over the course of several years, a few hundred or a few thousand extra dollars on your tax return can pay for some nice vacations, round out your retirement savings, or even give you the start of a college fund.

Here are 7 proven tax-saving tips that could help you save a bundle during this year's tax season.

1. Move To a State That Doesn't Have State Income Taxe

Walking away from your problems isn't always productive. But when you're trying to figure out how to pay fewer taxes, moving to a place that has no state income taxes is probably one of the most significant ways to do so.

Well, If you're self-employed, the tax incentives are still there if you save for your retirement. But at the same time, you don't get to simply pay into a traditional IRA or an employer-based 401(k).

2. Are You a Business Owner? Get a Solo 401(K) 

3. Become a Homeowner

When you're getting ready to buy your forever home, chances are you're not touring houses and thinking, “Oh my goodness this house is the perfect opportunity to reduce my tax burden this year!

It turns out that the words “for richer or for poorer” weren't just for show. Getting married can help you literally get richer in the form of reduced taxes.

4. Get Married

5. Have Kids

If your gameplan is to have kids in the near or distant future, they can help you reduce your taxes for two reasons. First, they're dependents that you can claim on your tax filings. And second, because you can benefit directly from child tax credits.

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