Industries With The Most New Small Businesses

One of the most significant shifts to the U.S. economy was a surprising new growth in small businesses, which are popping up in nearly every industry. While these businesses may have a tough time filling open job requisites right now, it doesn’t seem to be stopping the growth.

Using Business Formation data from the U.S. Census Bureau, SimplyBusiness broke down the industries with the most new business applications.

On a single day in July 2020, the National Home School Association said it got over 3,400 information inquiries—prior to the pandemic, the organization received five to 20 requests per day.

Educational services

Amusement and recreation attendant jobs, as well as fitness trainer and aerobics instructor jobs, were plentiful as new businesses in these industries opened to meet increased demand.

Amusement, gambling, and recreation industries

The growth in this industry was due, in large part, to a nationwide shift to remote work, which led to more people prioritizing home repairs and projects.

Repair and maintenance

Social assistance

With millions of school districts shifting to temporary remote learning environments, there would have been an increased need for child day care services by parents balancing work and child care.

There was a significant need for these types of services as millions of people struggled to make ends meet, pay bills, and keep roofs over their heads.

Religious, grant-making, civic, professional, and similar organization

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