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I recently was a guest on the Inspired Money podcast, where I spoke about walking away from my lucrative business and “critical acclaim” in order to work less, save money, and spend more time with my family.

Here are four key takeaways from the interview, as told by the host Andy Wang…

Paying Off $70,000 in Debt

Joe finished school with $30,000 in student loans and $15,000 in credit card debt. Moving to an expensive place like New York City while working an entry-level job in post-production and that debt quickly grew to $70,000.

It’s not easy to pay off debt when your income doesn’t cover your expenses! Luckily, as Joe advanced his career with a series of promotions, his paycheck grew to the point he was in the black every month and he could begin chipping away at his debt.

Buy A House (or as Joe likes to say…”Own your Residence”)

Eventually, he also saved enough to buy his first house – which had an important role in fully getting out of debt. It’s a valuable lesson about prioritizing where your money goes.

Even while working at a company with co-workers who became his closest friends in Los Angeles, Joe was already quietly preparing for eventually starting their own company.

Own Your Own Business

Viewing Life in Four Acts

Act 1: Education Act 2: Devote 20s and 30s to building a business and building wealth. Act 3: Downshift where maybe you work but not as much. You could do consulting, change your career,  or spend more time with your kids. Act 4: Retirement

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