Is $700.00 a Week a Good Amount of Allowance for Teenagers?

Here's a question people must be asking: how much pocket money is enough for a child in modern times? However, I am not sure many parents will ask if $700 per week is enough allowance for teenagers.

Then again, most people aren't like one online thread creator asking that question. As one can imagine, the Internet has some opinions about this.

Take Me With You “Seven-hundred dollars a week equates to around $36,400 per year,” observes the first commenter. “My question is this: will you adopt me?”

Stop Trolling One gentleman is unimpressed with this silliness. “I think you are asking a question to get trolled, and you certainly deserve (to),” he states. “Or you're just a bad parent.”

Is That All, Though? “I'm assuming your kid lives with you, pays no rent, no cell phone bill, no car payments, no car insurance, no health insurance,” rants another contributor.

A shocked teenager compares his more reasonable allowance. “I get $20 a week, and I am a teenager, (and) that is a lot of money,” claims the young man, who is adamant that teenagers like him “need to learn how to get a job and earn money for themselves.”

How Will They Gain a Work Ethic?

A university student cannot believe a teenager needs that much money to survive. He claims $700 a month is enough “for all the food I eat in a month, my phone contract, clothes, pens and paper supplies, textbooks, clubs I join, and all of that.”

Students are Nonplussed

An engineer who makes $80,000 a year says they live on half their after-tax income, the other half of which goes into savings and utilities. “I live off of around 20k a year in a major city and feel fairly comfortable,” says the nonplussed tech worker.

Mid-Twenties and Happy

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