Is Doing A Blog Worth It? My Experience  (So Far)

First off, you should have an expertise. I think by definition, most successful bloggers are in fact “Authority Bloggers.” This means that they have some kind of expertise that can help people achieve an end result in a particular subject.

There aren’t a whole plethora of reasons to do a blog, in my opinion, but the two I can think of are pretty good ones!

A blog itself can provide both additonal income or even a very high full time income if done well.

You will be building the brand of YOU with your blog, and hence building up your professional notoriety.

That brand will hopefully have some “branded products” to sell at some point. For example, you can offer consulting , courses, books, speaking engagements, product representations, etc.

In order to justify doing a blog  (vs other ways to make money online) you really should be planning on taking advantage of both.

If it’s just strictly for money, using the blog as a product marketing machine, it might not be worth all the time. Largely because blogs have to be very niche specific, so you put a lot of time into a narrow field.


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