Is it Time to Have a Baby? Consider These 15 Things

If you’re at the point that you’re asking yourself, “am I ready for a baby?” that might be a sign that you’re more ready than you think.

Usually, the average age where these stages of life are met is around 25-35 years old. But, of course, this can be different for everyone.

There is No Perfect Time

The reality is that there will always be something else that could be done before you have a baby: more money, a bigger house, another promotion, an event is coming up. The list could go on.

Having a child will cost you additional expenses that might cause unnecessary stress if you are at a place in life where you are comfortable and prepared for the extra expense. 

Are Your Finances in Place?

Are You Ready to Have Less “Me Time?”

You will probably feel selfish at some point but know that this is a normal stage in being a parent, and taking time for yourself is not selfish and is needed.

Emotions run high because you will be sleep deprived sometimes, you will feel frustrated at times, and again, it’s a significant change in your life. Sleepless nights are in your future as a new parent. 

It’s a Very Emotional Ride

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