Jobs That Pay 100 an Hour (or More)  and Can Be Done Remotely?

There are not many careers with jobs that pay 100 an hour or more and can be worked remotely.

There are two types of $100/hr jobs. We have included a mix of both kinds in this article.

With the first type of $100/hr gig, you earn a steady salary of $200,000 or so per year. In the other type, work is sporadic and your pay will vary. But even if work isn’t consistent (and you may prefer that), you are working smart and getting paid extremely well for your time

As a freelance writer you can make $100 an hour and work from anywhere in the world.

Freelance Writer

Personal Development Coach

Personal development coaches, such as nutritional coaches or life coaches, typically make an average of $100 per hour.

A simultaneous interpreter must listen to what a speaker is saying in a foreign language, and then convert the speech into another language at the same time.

Simultaneous Interpreter

Top bloggers make up to $200,000 per month, while beginning bloggers may make $0 (or even less).


Product Reviewer


Becoming a product reviewer requires that you have an eye for detail and you’re able to clearly pinpoint the pros and cons of using a particular product.

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